2018 Spotlight Stage Program

The 2018 Spotlight Stage Program has now concluded. The 2019 program will be announced closer to the event.

Exhibitors will deliver presentations about their services, programs and teaching resources. The Exhibitor Spotlight is located on the exhibition floor at the Open Stage.

Friday 31 August

10:35am - 10:50am

Topic: Resilience, Cooperation, Mindfulness, Fitness and Fun!

Kinect 2 Dance
Speaker: Bree Shaw, Director, Kinect 2 Dance

12:20pm - 12:35pm

Topic: Why Teaching Kids Body Safety is Empowering and Life-changing

Educate 2 Empower
Speaker: Jayneen Sanders, Author, Teacher

Session Overview
This presentation will cover the importance of teaching age-appropriate and empowering Body Safety Education to young children. With the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and the introduction of the 7 Child Safety Standards in Victoria as a result of the Betrayal of Trust Report, educators have come to realise the importance of teaching young children Body Safety. This presentation will provide educators will simple, practical and age-appropriate lessons and resources in how they can implement Body Safety in their educational settings.

12:40pm - 12:55pm

Topic: Just Voices Speakers Program

Jesuit Social Services
Speaker: Paulie Stewart and Danielle Sherry, Artful Dodgers Studios, Jesuit Social Services

Session Overview
Our presenters come from all walks of life. Some share their culture, whilst others share their experience of seeking asylum, refugee settlement or homelessness. Through engaging storytelling, each presenter aims to raise awareness, build empathy and promote mutual respect. Schools can request high energy Hip Hop performers or acoustic musicians to complement presentations or book rap writing or drumming workshops to learn how to create music within a social justice framework.

1:55pm - 2:10pm

Topic: Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Foundation - How to run a successful Kitchen Garden Program

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program
Speaker: Stephanie Alexander, Founder, Cook, Restauranteur, Food Writer

Session Overview
Stephanie Alexander will be joined by a school principal experienced in running the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program (SAKGP) and the SAKGP Delivery Leader. They will be holding an informal, interactive discussion on how to develop a strong program that is embedded into the culture of a school.

2:20pm - 2:35pm

Topic: Developing confident communicators and job seekers

The Confidence Company
Speaker: Kate Kroeger, Director, The Confidence Company

Session Overview
An insight in to the tailored public speaking and job ready programs for secondary students and leadership and public speaking programs for primary students. From understanding the difference of learning styles to the art of story telling and to establishing a confident mindset for a job interview the programs build self confidence, transferable knowledge/skills and are aligned with the Personal and Social Capability.

2:40pm - 2:55pm

Teach Queensland Style

Topic: Teach Queensland – Choose your Teaching Adventure

Teach Queensland Style
Speaker: Marika Hill, Education Careers Ambassador

Session Overview
The Queensland Department of Education is seeking eager, passionate and results-driven beginning and experienced teachers from across Australia. Find out about the exciting career and lifestyle adventures that await you and your family in Queensland, including our current and future teaching and school leadership opportunities.

Saturday 1 September

10:10am - 10:25am

Topic: We can do better than that! – UK schools remove analogue clocks from examination halls because teenagers can’t tell the time

Easy Read Time Teacher
Speaker: Roger Shackleton

Session Overview
Telling the time – How to ensure each one of your students achieves the outcome quickly and easily.

10:35am - 10:50am

Topics: StepsWeb - Integrating cutting edge technology and research based methodology

Speaker: Ross Lug, Dyslexia and Literacy Specialist, CEO and Founder, The Learning Staircase

Session Overview
An overview of the StepsWeb online literacy programme, now being used in over 900 schools.

12:20pm - 12:35pm

Topic: The Burke Museum, Beechworth – An Immersive Experience

Burke Museum
Speakers: Valerie Crosse, Education Officer and Linda Peacock, Collection Manager/Curator

Session Overview
The Burke Museum education programs offer links to the Victorian Curriculum from P-12 by bringing to life an authentic experience. Our programs enhance understanding of where we are now, where we have come from and where our futures may lead. Students will be immersed in foundational stories, such as those of Burke and Wills, Indigenous culture, the gold-rush, migration, communication and the environment. We offer stimulating content across all subject areas.

12:40pm - 12:55pm

Topic: I Love Reading - a new innovation in learning to read

I Love Reading
Speaker: Mr Mike Collins, Education Consultant

Session Overview
I Love Reading is a unique literacy program designed to facilitate the rapid learning of reading English. With a combination of proven teaching methods, a robust teaching framework and progression, this model assists early readers to learn every sound, of every word of the English language through a simple coding system, without exception. This new learning technology is based on the English Phonetic Code, the life-time research and intellectual property of the Mamone family and is available for purchase by schools, kindergartens, parents and tutors.

1:50pm - 2:05pm

Topic: Play – Learn – Win: The Power of Game Based Student Revision

Trap Ed
Speaker: Cate Ballantyne, Project Manager

Session Overview
This session will cover:
•Discover how this study app increases student engagement, confidence and achievement
•Learn about the teacher functionality designed to enhance personalised feedback, reporting and assessment.
•Options for a free trial period and school support

2:10pm - 2:25pm

Topic: The importance of educating teens to respond confidently to First Aid emergencies

Young Hearts
Speaker: Giada Glavic - Young Hearts advocate

Session Overview
An introduction to how Young Hearts is creating change in empowering students with life-saving skills.


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