Option 1: Twenty tech tips for the maths classroom

Speaker: Aimee Shackleton
eLearning and Innovation leader
Loreto Mandeville Hall, Toorak

Session Overview
Participants will be taken on a tour of twenty apps, programs, online resources and robots you can use to enhance the learning in your Mathematics classroom from K-12. Every maths teacher will find something new to take away from this list! We will discuss ideas applicable for all device platforms – Mac, PC, iPads, Chromebooks with many options working through an online browser based system or multiplatform for universal access.

Additional devices and robots such as drones, spheros, coding platforms and microbits will also be available to test time permitting for the final part of our session. You will leave with a detailed list of technologies described, with many able to be implemented the following day in your classroom. Bring your laptop and any devices such as phones and iPads you have access to use at your school to participate and get the most out of this session.


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