Session 3: The importance of organisational and time management skills for students

12.15pm - 1pm
Speaker: Amanda Lecaude
Organising Expert, Academic Coach, Writer, Speaker, Educator
Consultant of Organising Students

Session Overview
Amanda Lecaude will share her knowledge and experience working with students (Year 6 through to Year 12) both in a classroom environment and 1:1, as to why students need strong organisational and time management skills and without them how they are prone to experiencing increased stress, overwhelm and anxiety which can affect them both academically and in life. Participants will gain:

  • An understanding of why organisation and time management lead to increased success and result in less stress and anxiety
  • A greater understanding of what time management really means, why it is important and the need for students to actually ‘see time’
  • An understanding of the role organisation plays and the impact it can have on the lives of students;
  • Clear tips and strategies to take back to the classroom or use at home in supporting students on their academic journey; and
  • Insight into how these skills are vital for a successful transition from primary to secondary school.


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