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Bostik is a strong brand in stationery, DIY, and home decorator products. Brands including, Blu-Tack, Clag and Blu & Glu Stik are known and trusted by Australians for many decades.

Imagination is at the heart of Bostik’s products and craft ideas. Each creative idea is special and unique and just like Bostik’s range of craft glues and adhesives, each one will help you shape, design and build your ideas into a work of art.

It doesn’t matter what you are creating, whether it be for a school project, a decorative feature for your home or just to unwind and let your creative energy run free, Bostik has everything you need.

At Bostik we believe that creativity is within all of us and this is where we want to help you unleash your imagination. We have created a place to start you on your creative journey, visit our website and start crafting your own world of paper crafts with Bostik.

All Bostik products are non-toxic and safe for all of the family to use.


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